Learn the skills to calm & regulate your nervous system & develop a healthy self from the inside out.  Focus on self-transformation and find your potential for life.

Hello! I am Nichi, a clinical psychologist, integrative educator, and entrepreneur.  I support motivated people who are passionate about learning how to build a healthy self, regulate the nervous system, improve health and wellbeing, and wanting to embrace wellness to reach their potential in life.  

I work from a strength perspective, combining various evidence-based psychological modalities that embody the mind, body, heart, gut and spirit holistically. This involves working at individualised angles, building knowledge, learning and applying experiential, body-based skills to regulate, self-reflection and developing connection and self-compassion for your most precious asset – yourself! The aim is to build an embodied, resilient relationship with yourself, feel connected, and to learn how to work towards your goals.  

I provide individual sessions for adults and adolescents to enable them to build a healthy self that is aligned with what they value in life.  I also offer online training programs, consultations, live community events, and group education.  I am passionate about making a difference to the lives of others to promote positive wellbeing and relationships.

Key areas of focus are brain, mind, heart, gut, and self for holistic, embodied wellness. Learn how to transform and create a new SelfStory for EverySelf

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