Welcome to the Nichi Morrin Self & Wellbeing Collective!

Nichi Morrin (she/her) practices separately as a clinical psychologist, and also as an embodied self and wellness educator.  Additionally, Nichi has previous qualifications in business (frontline management) and hairdressing.  Nichi is an entrepreneur and aspiring author, providing services online and from her base in rural Queensland, Australia.  Nichi is motivated to empower others and works from a strengths-based, holistic perspective to embody all aspects of ourselves to develop a connected life with meaning and purpose.

Hi, my name is Nichi!

I am a passionate clinical psychologist, self & wellness educator, entrepreneur, researcher, writer, small business owner, woman, and busy mum.  I also have a previous background in hairdressing and business.  Through my journey involving over a decade of psychological training, working in rural business, working professionally with people in an intimate space, I have been able to identify areas that motivate and inspire me.  I feel great satisfaction and happiness from being able to use my diverse range of skills to empower others to find their potential with purpose.  I utilise evidence-based, psychological strategies that include positive psychology, mindfulness, energy psychology, schema therapy, emotional freedom techniques, mindset and body-based skills, developing grit and resilience, among other skills.  I like to work from a holistic perspective to integrate all aspects of self and promote growth, fulfillment and happiness.

My journey…

To share a little about what led me to embark on creating my wellness collective.  After a tough and long journey to become a parent I became unwell.  I was faced with the possibility of a serious lung condition in which my future flashed before my eyes.  I was very fortunate though to get well after about six months. This, along with many other challenging traumas and health struggles, my perspective on life changed.  Life is short and I chose to embrace it. This was not just an overnight light switch flick, it was a process of developing self, confidence, wellbeing and mindset – the journey to self! While trying to work hard, parent and be a partner lovingly, and be a diligent student I completed three psychology degrees, business certificates, and research.  Through the struggles I learnt that I need to bring it right back to building the relationship with myself, reflecting on what it is that I want for me, and how to get there.  Now, the focus is on health, wellness, self-compassion and working towards meaningful goals.  I enjoy nothing more than being able to share my knowledge and skills to help others thrive and flourish in life, ignite their soul, while finding their purpose. 

Formal Qualifications

  • Masters of Psychology (Clinical), with distinction
  • Bachelor of Science Honours (Psychology), First class honours with distinction
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
  • Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management)
  • Certificate III in Hairdressing


  • Previous research has focused on adolescents in the alternative education space, wellbeing, aspirations, and mental health.  
  • Contributor to Psychology 5th Edition (Burton, Westen & Kowalski, 2018) textbook revision.
  • Research interests include clinical and health psychology, trauma, rare pain conditions, somatic conditions, chronic health, aspirations and capacity building, wellbeing, adolescent mental health, rural mental health, women’s health, positive psychology, and energy psychology.