You have the ability to a develop a healthy, resilient self and discover your strengths and potential for life!

Key areas of focus are self-acceptance, positive relationships, creating an environment that aligns with your needs, identity, purpose in life, mindset, healing schemas, and personal growth. 

I work from a strength perspective, combining various evidence-based psychology modalities that embody the mind, body, heart, and spirit holistically.

This involves working at individualised angles to embrace your identity, overcome limiting beliefs and build an embodied, resilient relationship with yourself and others, and to work towards your goals. 


Healing schemas & creating a strong sense of self

Self-confidence & overcome self-limiting beliefs

Growth mindset

Health and wellness goals

Self-acceptance and self-worth

Positive relationships

Personal goals & entrepreneurship

Identity & embodiment, integrating mind, body, heart

Sexual intimacy


Online programs and workshops

Live workshops

Inner circle groups

Group coaching 

Individual coaching sessions

Have you achieved but not feeling fulfilled?

Lost your identity along the way?

Unsure of what path to take or how to get there to reach a goal?

Struggling to embody your true or ideal self?

Have self-limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving your goals?

Seeking more self-confidence or happiness?

Searching for meaning or purpose?

Want to develop a growth mindset to work towards that healthy self or entrepreneurial goal?

Dreaming of improving sexual health and wellbeing?

Ignite your soul, work towards vitality…


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